Celebrate A Unique Life With A Specialized Funeral

Posted on: 15 April 2015

Your loved one should be more than another obituary. You can help your friends and family as well as your community remember the person who has passed as someone who had unique gifts, passions and talents. Here are some ideas for a specialized funeral service:

The Volunteer

Was your loved one a person who enjoyed volunteering time and energy to those in need? Celebrate this very special quality by organizing a time for friends and family to help out in a service organization where the person you lost was active. If the person was a general giver, ask a church or your community what needs to be done. Your group could deliver donated clothing to homeless shelters, make blankets for the homeless or serve a meal to those in need through a church or other group. 

You can also use the funeral or memorial service as a time to collect money, food or clothing for an organization your loved one supported. You can be sure that the departed would have been pleased with your efforts. 

The Chef

If the person who has passed was known for being a wonderful cook, you can help allow that legacy to live on even after death. Create a collection of the person's most beloved recipes. You may have to ask other family members to help if the recipes were not written down. Pass the recipes out to those who are attending the funeral. You can also make it a family tradition to give children a copy of the recipes as they graduate from high school or college.

Plan a luncheon after the funeral, and serve the dishes your loved one enjoyed making. Friends and family can savor one last meal in honor of the person who cooked for them with love. 

The Pet Lover

Someone who loved animals may want this to be remembered. Many churches, funeral homes and cemeteries will allow you to bring the departed's precious pets to the service or memorial, provided that they are well behaved. 

Pets can grieve too, and seeing an animal the person loved and cared for can be rewarded for people attending the funeral as well. Even if the pet cannot be at the memorial, you can have something there to represent the animal. Have a floral arrangement created in the shape of a bone, or put a small ceramic cat near the casket. Display a picture of the person with the pet. 

These are just three examples of ways you can create a unique experience at a memorial service. Consider the person's life, and choose to remember the departed in a way that highlights what was special about the life that has ended. For more ideas, work with a funeral home like Krowicki Gorny Memorial Home.