Cremation Of A Loved One: 3 Important Documents You Will Need

Posted on: 22 April 2015

Losing someone you love is always a hard situation to handle. If your loved one has chosen to be cremated, you and the rest of your family need to know what will be expected of you before the cremation can go forward. There is actually quite a bit of paperwork that needs to be dealt with in order for the process to begin. Here are some of the most important things you will need to take care of:

Copy of the Death Certificate

The death certificate is the most important document that you will need before any burial or cremation plans can go forward. This is a document provided by the medical examiner that officially pronounces a person deceased. You will need the death certificate not only for the funeral plans but also any other tasks that need to be handled such as closing out accounts or settling benefits to the next of kin. Keep in mind that you will likely need many copies of the death certificate, depending on how many assets and other formalities will need to be handled.

Cremation Authorization

Since your loved one has chosen cremation, you will need to provide a cremation authorization form to the funeral director. This document will need to be signed by the next of kin or the executor of the estate. There may also be other documents you will need to provide or sign, depending on the provider of cremation services.

Forms That Provide Assistance with Cremation Costs

After your loved one passes away, you need to take the time to notify and fill out the proper forms for the Social Security department, pension providers, and Veterans Affairs if they were a veteran. You also need to notify their life insurance company about the death. Each of these offices will need a copy of the death certificate. Many of these organizations, particularly Veterans Affairs, may provide additional financial assistance to pay for the costs of the cremation. For VA assistance, you may be required to provide their discharge papers along with the death certificate.

This time in your life is meant for grieving the loss of your loved one. However, these items are very important to take care of as soon as you can in order to make the process easier on everyone involved. If you take too long to handle these matters, it could cause a delay in cremation. This not only prevents the family from achieving closure, but it could also result in a loss of benefits that you or the family is entitled to.

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